4 Bad Habits Stress responding

if you tend to hold stress with a less healthy, you multiply the influence of negative stress and health. In other words, you aggravate stress levels and create new problems in life and your health. This is 4 bad habits without aware that we often do

1. Too much consume caffeine
Trends hang out, after office hours in a cafe is a life style today. While drinking coffee once is not harmful, it is important to note, in fact contain caffeine essence that makes people addicted. Dependence of caffeine can be habit for someone who started the day with some coffee in the morning as spirited sense of drowsiness and remover. Once that is done every day without aware, slowly caffeine damaging levels of stress experienced

2. Smoking
For smokers, a first cigarette is the only stress remover. But in fact, during the stress, smoking is very much needed and it is not possible to forgo it. Unfortunately we all know, from the financial side, the cigarette is not cheap. And because smoking creates more stress rather than minimize it, it is important to stop

3. Shopping excessive
everyone has a different way to think hold stress experienced or to remove or sad feeling lonely. Spoil yourself with how to buy something good and quite expensive, according to you is an effective way in caring for them. In fact, spend money; especially in the amount that is not small, it can be stress in the financial problems in the future

4. Too much alcohol
many people feel that drinking a glass of wine before bed at night to reduce the stress experienced by the day. Most scientists think, red wine is good for heart health. However, despite however, drinking alcohol can become a habit and can unwittingly cause problems in the lives to consume and have problem in barrier, should try to find ways to overcome your stress.

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  1. Good post about stress habits. Bad habits will drive people into stressed mood. One should know how to avoid them otherwise they will consume your life's happiness. Here is a great help to avoid stress habits.