My Friend Success Story : Erwin and Car Loan

I will be telling stories about something interesting. For me this is a story that is very unique and I am very happy to tell my friends. This story is about my friend Erwin. Erwin is my friend in college and till now we still a best friend. He is one of my friends who often have financial problems.

But you must see Erwin now; he had married and become rich. One in which the history of his life is he buy a car that change his life, and that's more unique is that the car was not buy in cash.

Why do I say this interesting?

You can imagine, what erwin to go to the campus on foot was initially, that’s because he was saving money to buy textbooks, lecture. Erwin until a time find a way to get additional money. Erwin apply car loan to buy a used car.

He does not use it as a style or for purposes that are not important. He uses the car for a business. The business is dropping children to school. Erwin know that some of the neighbors around the house work since morning. Erwin ago presume to offer to take neighbors children away to go to school. This is a small job, but can help Erwin to payment loan with this business.

Not only have those, then he build a business ready to take vegetables which are ready to cook with completed with spices in additional. The business is run by his friend, Jimmy, and he is also my friend. Erwin grows to have more cars and as the money that belongs to Erwin.

And you may not know that all the cars that it has is the result of a car loan. This unique, and of course a little crazy. Then I ask Erwin 'how can you get this crazy idea?’ Then he said, 'If you can use a car loan, why should pay cash?'. For him these ways is more safety and have a prospect, because he can use that money for other business purposes.

Erwin now have a transportation and distribution business. This all came from a car purchased installment. This is crazy, but also great.

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