Frugal WordPress Theme: Clean and Professional WordPress Theme

Find best WordPress theme for you blog, admiring about Clean and Professional theme from the start, but acts as the Perfect ‘Blank Canvas’ for those who want to their OWN unique blog design to support your content?

Blogging is all about content!

download frugal Wordpress Theme here!Content is King! Who’s doesn’t know about that. Every blogger must be know about how important great content to build their blog. Eric Hamm know about that, for make sure that your awesome content can easily and ready to read, he make a simple and clean WordPress theme that can help your reader enjoying your blog post.

Have You feel your blog is very HARD to load?

Something that REALLY surprising me from frugal is this theme uses ZERO images. You can see many premium WordPress themes out there are uses a lot of images. Eric remain us than using too many or large image on your theme may cause our WordPress blog load slowly.
Eric tells us we will surprise about surprise about how many image uses on WordPress themes, but I am not surprise. Again, I really surprising to know that frugal WordPress theme is use zero images. WOW! That make me shock!
So, if you don’t want your reader and new visitor get boring for waiting your blog loading, you must be interest to use frugal WordPress theme.

Frugal WordPress Theme is user friendly with non-coder blogger!

Feel the pain editing code? What you can do with good-looking WordPress themes but push you to get some code on hand? Nope! I have seen many themes, their good on demo site, but when they going to use by user: they even sometimes look bad. Why? Cause there is some blogger who want to focus to their content, but on other side they know design has affected so they editing the code and forget to write post.
Are you feeling that I am talking about you? Just stop it now! :D Take a look that frugal WordPress theme is really user friendly.
NB: do not worry! Even if you are really new to using WordPress, you can still easily understand how frugal WordPress theme working (read 29 pages Handbook to save your time working with frugal theme)

The advantage

I think there is many advantage on using frugal WordPress theme. Some features item is really help you to improve your blog performance. I think Eric is really made a neat stuff.
frugal provide you some features that really help you to avoid frustration to blogging on WordPress (like ‘Center’ that image button) and also bring you to enjoying blogging, increasing subscribers number use your theme design (see how he take care about placing feed). I just think that Eric really knew relation between blogging and theme design.
Wanna take a look how frugal WordPress theme really makes me impressive? Jump to frugal theme site!

features on frugal theme package:

Here is features item you will get when you using frugal WordPress theme (information resource: frugal theme site)
  • Multiple framework options for size and position of sidebars and content areas.
  • Full, super simple color customization that provides color pickers for each setting.
  • Integrated ad widgets for the header and bottom of posts.
  • Category navigation bar.
  • Multiple widget ready feature section options.
  • Navigation that runs 4 levels deep.
  • ‘Blog’ and ‘Wide Content’ page templates.
  • Various static homepage options for excellent CMS (Content Management System) capabilities!
  • Multiple header/logo and navigation layout options.
  • Attractive social media button images.
  • Integrated custom Favicon and Avatar image options (no plugins required).
  • Option to easily exclude pages from the navigation bar.
  • A Custom Stylesheet option for those who want to hard code their design changes and make their customizations completely portable! (Ideal for developers)
  • Lifetime theme upgrades.
  • Excellent support via the frugal Forum and a growing list of video tutorials.
  • A 29 page frugal Theme Handbook to help you get off on the right foot.
I am strongly believe that you will impress with frugal theme back-end. The theme option is suit either for beginner or WordPress developer.
Can’t be more patient to using frugal WordPress theme… absolutely!
Read full frugal WordPress theme review on BlogicThink.com

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