Stress Free Healthy Hair

In fact, hair can also experience stress as a result; the hair can be dried, easily broken, and dull. To avoid, take crown you with a more "humane" Guaranteed, the hair looks more healthy and luminous.

Dos & Do not's

• Summary Get your day-to-day determine how often should you wash your hair. There is no standard benchmark of how many days one should wash the hair. However you are had more activities outside the room, wash hair every day.

• Avoid skin scratch at the time head of hair washing. Addition will make the skin head injury; it also creates a natural moisturizer that there is a decrease in the scalp. Make a light massage on the scalp

• To overcome a very dry hair, use conditioners every shampoo out. Make sure you rinse the remaining shampoo in the hair when you wash out

• When the condition of the hair is broken, let the hair dried naturally. Wrap hair with a towel that is thick and soft. Avoid polish hair with a towel, because it will cause the hair on damaged

• But, when you are on the time use help hair dryer (hair dryer) on the current temperature, in humid conditions the hair. Try to use a hair dryer in the safe distance of 3-4 cm from the hair

• motion hair dryer from the top to the bottom of the hair. This will make the hair cuticle closed meeting. Thus the hair appears more straight and neat.

• Avoid too strong interesting hair with a comb while hair Dyer, because the cause of hair fall out and easily broken

• Use the help comb the hair with a rounded metal looking. This will make the hair dry faster. Adjust the size of the model comb your hair.

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