Tips portion of Eating

• Read food labels carefully to the size of the portion of the specific

• For fruit and vegetables, just consume which is small, not that big. Indeed true of fruits and vegetables good for our health, but too many calories from a variety of food will increase the pile of fat in the body

• Three oz meat, chicken, or fish, together with the size of the hands of women is small. (The hands of men, too, can reach about 6 oz)

• One oz of cheese, together with a small thumb

• Almost all women can hold ½ cup vegetables, pasta, or rice. Two hands together with a cup of fresh vegetables such as spinach or a bag of potato chips oz

• The end of the thumb with the spoon around the 1, 3 the tip of the thumb with the 1 tbs. One spoon the butter with 1 portion of the same but more people are using more than 1 portion

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