Ultimate Simple Stop Smoking Tips

Smoking has been stated by World Health Organization as very dangerous cause of death. World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that tobacco kills one person every 10 seconds. This is a fantastic number. But if you say like this, is there the smoker will give attention to me?

One thing more, if you smoker, whether you will be concerned with this fact?

This simple will answer and give tips to stop smoking for you. If you said 'Yes, I care', I am sure you care, but not a lot of people who want to stop smoking successfully to do they plan, or remain in the correct way to succeed.

I think if you can do (to stop smoking right now) then you will change your life forever. Are very difficult to smoke when everyone around you is active smoker; you feel frustrated, but I advice you to never stop trying to quit smoking.

Worrying is that passive smokers can be harmed, so think about the damage that will be gained by your child, your wife or friend. If you can imagine them, then why you can not imagine how cigarette smoke trapped in your lungs?

Do not ever go back again to try cigarettes. When you successfully run it one day, two day, three days and you smell cigarettes, you are interested ... STOP!


Create an image with Photoshop that describe the broken lungs because cigarette with your children and your wife face in the family photo. Look at that photo every time you smoke, I think this is a one tips you wish to stop smoking now.

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  1. As someone who has tried with all of my might to quit smoking three times, I have to say that simply looking at a picture of your loved ones and some diseased lungs are not going to do it for you. It may motivate you to try to stop smoking, but if you rely on that every time you want a cigarette, you'll be smoking by the end of the day again. The best advice I can give is to take it slow. It is severely difficult and sometimes even in your worst interest to simply stop smoking all together one day and expect it to work, especially if you're a long-time smoker. The best thing that you can do for your body as well as for your mind is to cut down over time. We're not talking years or even months here, we're talking like if you smoke a pack a day then go to a half pack for a week or so and then cut down to 5 cigarettes and then 3 and when you are at 3 know that you're almost there. Also, it is important not to use any supplements to help you quit smoking because the patch, the gum, and so on has a dangerous depression side effect and it has actually been documented that a great deal of people who try those methods end up having suicidal thoughts. So just cut down, cut down some more, and then take cigarettes out. The oral fixation is even harder to break and for that I recommend lots of lollipops.

  2. Yeah...that's seem more rational with Holly said. Thanks much

  3. Considering the long term benefits of smoking cessation such as low risk of succumbing to cancer, a significant reduction in mental stress, odorless breath et al, it is definitely necessary for you to start your quit smoking regimen as soon as possible. However, during the first few weeks, it may appear extremely difficult to get rid of this addiction, but as you consistently try to quit smoking for a certain period of time, your smoking cessation efforts would yield results.