Stay Focused on Healthy, Not on Becoming Thin

It is very important in doing diet is mindset. I remember once on a friend who tells about the 'how to become slim, and using old-jeans’.

The story she telling to me make me realize one thing, many people fail when trying to diet. Most of them return to become fat or even become sick during the diet program they run. This often happens in many people, including me, I am one of them.

Who does not want to be slim?

If asked this question to someone, then it's likely the answer is' I want to thin ', but how? Many people frustrated, so do I.

This morning I feel happy because I succeeded train to discipline myself to do sports, playing badminton.
I play badminton in public field, if you come to Bandung, you can visit ‘Monumen Perjuangan’, I play badminton in the morning (of course every day, because blogger does not go to office).

This morning I also began to diligently bath, you know that dwell in the house every day and can go out to shop at any time may make you lazy to take a bath. I include people like that, I just bathed only occasionally, especially if I will go to the mall, shopping or going to party.

Today, I bathed, after I finished exercise (playing badminton). I started thinking to continue to be healthy, and I think I will be successful; included in the making blog posts every day :).

It is fun to success to being healthy, doing business at home and read friends post in Entrecard network. He...

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4 komentar:

  1. Diet, i just dont want to eat on weekdays, but eat a lot in weekend hahaha. it maintains my body in shape, eat once a day, n much fruit n vegetable juice also soya milk when hungry.. yippie still 27 for my jeans

  2. It is important to stay in shape, but that doesn't mean you have to be skinny. I know plenty of skinny people who are nowhere close to being in shape. I agree...it's important to stay active, eat healthy, and get enough sleep. That's the best thing you can do.

  3. I couldn't agree more with you there. I do not particularly agree with diets, especially since in most cases that means crash diets and the number one reason why people put their bodies through crash diets is because they want to be thin and they want to look like the people in the magazines do. However, they must first realize that the people in the magazines and on TV and so on have been airbrushed and doctored so even those people do not look like you are seeing them on the silver screen or glossy pages. I do agree with health, however; being healthy is the most important thing you can do for your life, but you should never alter your diet or your exercise plan in hopes of simply becoming thin because in a lot of cases, you end up actually hurting your body rather than helping it.

  4. Some people really confuse diet with staying fit. So it's important to guide those people who go on a diet.