Recognizing Depression Signs and Some Tips Maybe Useful to Solve it

I do not need to get hard to say that depression is one of problems faced by everyone. There are many people feeling depression, because of job, career, finances, love, business, family problems, and relationships with lovers or other.

You may hear this word every day, or at may be it is often happen to you. But from many people who feels depression, not many of those who know how to control depression. If we left it and not paying attention on find solution so depression will continue to worse. Depression, feeling anger, and frustration will make you sink in various difficulties that come continuously.

If you see your beloved does not restrained anger, or that occur on your husband then you should think he might have depression. Maybe you can give help, or should you recognize signs when people go into depression.

Here a signs of someone depression:
  • Feeling can not control your mind and thinking that everything is running contrary with plan you create.
  • You can not appreciate success
  • You feel everything become worse.
  • You feel that you get to be not useful person and not liked by others.
  • You feel that other people begin to see you crazy.

Those things are signs of depression. Maybe it does not happen to other people, but it is going on you. If that correct, then you must immediately make anticipation. Do not go on alcohol and cigarettes, it will not be much help, especially because they give you long-term negative effects to your health.

Some things you can do in a depression and even cure are also useful for anticipating are:

  • Use a journal, or create a blog.
 I think in many moments I do not need my advice, I sometimes told my friends when I have a problem only to be listened. Remove my guilty in good way will make us free from feeling depressed, it will be very good in preventing depression.

Create blog or journals can make you telling regret, sharing experiences, telling stories about your good day or bad day, and make out whatever what ever you want to. You could create a blog and write your experience in one day. Lucky if you find readers who would like to give help and become your friend, if not then telling what you feel is enough.

Eraser and delete button 

If you enjoy writing a journal then I have a tips which might work for you. I will not provide warranty to you, but I dare to say that this work on me.

In writing a journal you must have pencil and pen as well to write journal. What for? It's easy, you use your pencil to write your anger and frustration, and use your pen to write to your success and happiness.

These tips from me:

  • If one day you experience disappointment, then write in your journal using pencil.
  • At the time you get success, smiling at beautiful day, and feel happiness, feel very respect you’re self, then write that use your pen.
  • After you finish writing one of happiness you must erase (delete on your blog) your any anger and disappointment posts use eraser. 
  • Continue to do that, until a time you do not have a space in your journal with sadness and depression that you experience.

That way you have impression of success and you will more appreciate yourself.

I am would not write long post (since this post is more than 5 paragraphs lol), I think enough for this day. Hopefully this is useful tips, and sorry for the bad grammar.

I love you readers

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  2. Hi sometimes life just feel bored, stuck, like no where to run. Writing a blog sometimes can release our burden. But I think i wouldnt write in a blog that many friend know a lot about me, its look like open my secret LOL. I make a blog that no one my real friend know, so when I get depression I can write a lot without any judge from others