The Success Key on Having Your Own Diet Program

I hope you do not thinking that your weight loss program is too good to be true. Because if you make your head full with desire to get slim quickly you may be more stressful, and we know a lot of women eat more when get stressful. More than that, we often eat not healthy food when get stress.
Fast weight loss program may be very relative. ‘Fast’ for some people is a difficult to calculate. Some people think not realistic in making the target and using 'fast' term. How is ‘fast’? Does ‘fast’ term switch you on the dream to become ‘not realistic’ getting slim or that help you create measurable targets? It is only you can answer.
The most simple is that you have your own weight loss program in addition to diet program you follow. Because it is very difficult to deny that we as a women want to become slim, sexy and healthy. Although I always say that I am very happy with my body at this time, but who does not want to be slim?
Have your own fat loss program is one key to success. You know your body, you know what routine exercise you can do, and you know how much your ‘under pressure level’ so that you can say 'forced' or 'happy to do'. Two key to start I think is enough: control what we eat and increase exercise in each phase.

Control what food we eat in diet program. 

Control the portion keep minimalist does different with not eats at all. Reducing portion size and have a clear key is, simple indeed, but I dare say that this is not always easy. Why? Because this is related to: ‘how strong you are to control yourself’.

If your base your weight loss diet program to disinclination on yourself, in your body performance now, so do not hope you will succeed. Diet program is something that must begin with positive energy, positive thoughts. However, you are yourself; you will not be leaving yourself. If you hate yourself, what you want to do? For whom you do your diet program? Thing you must do is to have good expectations and break down in the target and diet program and clear-smart exercise.

Turbulence TrainingRemember, not realistic on cutting your portion that is just will push you to make revenge. You eat like a woman who did not eat since you born. lol. It will irritate you, friends... Do not do that. That's why I say this as ‘your strength to control yourself’. Not the extreme fasting and then eat like revenge. You are the person who can watch yourself. All weight loss watchers will not work if you (as the subject of fat loss program) do not use it properly.

Increase your exercise at every stage 

you have your own tips in running your program. You may schedule to exercise each day, after you wake up from sleep, by day, while working in the office or before you go to the bed. No one can deny you may be able to get exercise schedule from gyms training center. They can help you to get a good training schedule. Make sure you make it as belonging to you, integrates with your expectations, and a companion from the spirit of you to say goodbye to your fat. Do not assume that all your programs, tools, books, and gyms center as the center of your weight loss efforts.  

You are the center of your weight loss program, you are subject.
Until this day I always try to be consistent with my exercise program, I never leave play badminton to burn calories, and exercise to increase my body's metabolism. And I also do a little meditation, a contemplation to appreciate myself, I hope I far from regret and self-hate, I believe it will not give any good result except depression.

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  1. I love learning diet program!
    Althought I am not fat, but I like to stay fit and beautiful :)
    Thank you for sharing the information!