How to Make a Web Site for Beginner

When going to build website, you must be don’t just want to make it. Yes absolutely you want to make it found by search engine. As hard as you can you try to make it stand out and appear on first page on google. As every web builder, you want to make you site valuable and got the reader.

Below is an easy step by step instruction on how to make a web site.

1. The first step you can do is making a research for topic you want to write.

Choosing keyword it must be the first step. Keyword is extract of topic you cover; writing about one topic is more valuable than writing about general topic. You can research your topic and find most relevant keyword for you using SEO Book Keyword Tools. This is FREE SEO software by Aaron Wall. As far I am using several SEO software’s. I can tell that this software is the best. With keyword you choose, you can make website page with rich SEO content and optimize them.

2. The second step is choosing you domain name.

Choosing domain name with your keyword in is good. Even that many expert have different perspective about how valuable domain name that matching with your keyword, but in simple conclusion it is more clickable when some one find you through search engine when search some keyword than click you because of your domain name is matching.

3. Choose you site platform.

In this step you have many option, you can use Joomla, blogger, etc. even blog CMS is now can used for static page to build website. Like wordpress. You can use wordpress and get the best wordpress themes for build you professional site.

4. The next step is making relevant content.

Keep to try to make profitable SEO friendly content. On going to this step, you must know that you do not need to write all of you web content. There are many resource and freelancer to get you content. If you are not good writer and still want to make you website profitable and making money for you, you can hire content writing for your site. This is take your money, but when you use it you will know that the cost is worth it and the profit you get is more BIGGER.

5. When the previous step is done, then you need to optimize your site

It is call search engine optimization. When your site lives, you can maximize the value. Some webbuilder gatting money from adsense, sponsoredreviews, and some of them from affiliate marketing. There is no problem what money source you want to try since you know your power. The value of website can be the money maker when you have traffic, no traffic means no money. You can get traffic trough search engine when you can build your website with targeted keyword.

There is simple way to build a website and make it profitable for your live.

Take a note that SEO Book is FREE for you to use for make a targeted keyword research and niche topic that most profitable. So, this is the conclusions:
  • Use SEO book to do keyword research
  • Choose wordpress as you platform and choose the best wordpress themes
  • Build your content: writing or hiring freelancer
  • Optimize your website and monetize them
It is simple to following the instruction above. Evan you have no idea before about how to build your own website. When you start it, and you really beginner to make a website, so start with your hobbies is the best way. But please take a note and bold it: when you think that your topic is niche enough but you not find any website or blog writing about it, you must think that maybe there is not a niche.

When you do a research and then no visitor, no internet user find topic you want to write, maybe there is no money there. You must thinking about money even when you just star it. On build your website you must be curious about why there is many great website on internet. No wonder, there is why on one polar the most big business is web designer. You would not going to Photoshop and make your own design. Use professional web design is the great way to start it. There is large service you can choose. It is same on the real world, the more you can save your time, and more you can save your money.

And the think that you must always remember is: do not make your head overloaded by information. Chose high quality information and make it real working. Just only read and learn nothing give you any result.

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