Beauty Quiz

You surely the faithful variety of cosmetics. However, if you are also familiar with the terms about cosmetics? Please answer the questions about problems following this beauty. In addition to testing knowledge, so you also understand the terms world about the beauty that is of course often you hear everyday.

1. Are antioxidants that?
Antioxidants are unsure of which can prevent the skin wrinkles and can remove poisons in the body

2. Emollient is standard for nearly all cosmetic products. RIGHT
Emollient is a standard for nearly all the cosmetics and can refine and refine skin. Usually, cosmetics or have a soft texture of white emollient cream contains

3. Ginkgo Biloba:
Ginkgo Biloba drunk and can increase blood flow to improve the power and remember effective when used on the skin. Ant inflammation as effective and can help collagen production and have antioxidant

4. Mineral oil is not good for the skin: RIGHT
Mineral oil is not good for the skin because of oil that can cause a skin coating die

5. Moisturizer to prevent wrinkles: Error
Skin moisturizer does not have a long-term effect of the contraction. There is no relationship between the skin dry and wrinkled skin, so moisturizer does not prevent wrinkles

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