Fact or fiction?

You must feel really sick when sport. Error

Sports should not need to feel pain. A little pain in your muscles when performing a new movement that is reasonable. But pain is not the same as hurt. You do not need to create musculature so sick to work. When you feel pain, just stop.

The best exercise is aerobic. Error

Not correct. In fact, the balance of good practice including stretching and flexibility exercises more important

Women who exercise the muscles will be strong. Error

Your goal is not to be athletes. You only want to strengthen the muscles, but not to get a muscular arm. You do not need to worry, most women do not have enough hormones testosterones muscle that can be formed, as can be done by the men

To be useful, must do the heavy sports. Error

You do not need to impose ourselves to benefit sport. Of fact, if too many sports to be at risk of excessive exercise. Exercise with the intensity of being, for example, walking 3.5 miles per hour using the Treadmill, can still provide the benefits of good health for

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